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Snip. Snip. Stab.

Confessions of a stylist

confessions of a stylist
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Where Salon Professionals Come to VENT!
This community is still under construction, but feel free to add and post!

snipsnip_stab is designed for Salon & Spa Professionals (which stems originally from hair styling but covers anyone from a Nail Tech to a Massage Therapist!) to share stories about clients they would have liked to stab in the eye (or elsewhere) with various implements. The goal is to keep things more on the whimsical side, so we can all get a good laugh, instead of the average bitching and moaning that should probably be directed to your personal journal.

Have fun, and meet some folks who feel your pain.

PLEASE NOTE: Any stories publicly posted in snipsnip_stab are subject to possible future publication use. If you DO NOT wish to have your stories used as a basis for a possible future fiction, please clearly state this in EACH post. If you don't mind having your story potentially published but would like proper credit, please include your full name and contact info in each post.
Due to the nature of these posts and livejournal in general, NO ROYALTIES WILL BE AWARDED. Please keep this in mind when labeling posts!
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