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Snip. Snip. Stab.
Confessions of a stylist
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2nd-Nov-2009 09:32 am - It's finally happening!
Randwise - me
Not related to snipping and stabbing of clients, but I just wanted to share with you guys!

Tomorrow is my first day at Cosmetology school! What should I expect? A lot of paperwork? A tour? A free haircut?
23rd-Oct-2009 12:43 am(no subject)
 Aww, I was so excited when I found this community but then got sad to see it hasn't been updated since September! So...I decided to wake it up! I have been needing to find a hair stylist community like this to post my ridiculous hair escapades to, knowing that others will understand! 

Random annoyance of the day... client comes in with a picture she had printed off the internet and she clearly had used the very last droplets of ink from the printer cartridge and she goes " I want THIS color...." come on home girl, are you serious?! 
And really, I have mastered the expressions of having to pretend a story about a clients napkin collection is the most interesting thing i've ever heard. 
Hahaha, cracks me up. But anyways. I'll follow suit since I am new to this community....

Hey, i'm Bree!Collapse )

12th-Sep-2009 11:12 am - No Shows
Do you seriously think I have nothing better to do with my life than sit here and wonder if you're actually going to show up for your appointment? I COULD BE MAKING MONEY HERE, YOU ASS.

How many times do you let someone no show before you cut them off?
10th-Sep-2009 08:43 pm(no subject)
bombs like fuck

Heya folks!

Glad to see a few of you have wandered our way!
I have been SO UNEXPECTEDLY BUSY the last week, that I haven't gotten much done around here. Your forgiveness is appreciated. Also, if anyone with awesome photoshop skills wants to make banners to promote with, that would be swell. 'cause mine suck.
For now, since I've been such a flake, I'm changing the community to an open membership, with free posting access to any member. Hopefully we can just weed out any spammers as they come along. That said, tell your friends, I think this could be a lot of fun if we get a nice collection of stylist freaks together. ;)

In other news, and a more personal note, I think introductions are in order.
pickledixyhas set the bar pretty high, so without further ado:

Hi, my name is K.Collapse )
Tea & Smoke break - me
Hey ya'll! Well, I guess I'll pop the cherry when it comes to introductions!

My name is Randy. I'm twenty-six. I'm a pieces. I enjoy long walks in the mall and making fun of children. Oh wait, this isn't an add...

I'm not a stylist yet. I've had a long dream of being a stylist, but growing up in rural Oklahoma I didn't want to be the token gay guy hair stylist. So I pursued an education in Graphic Design and Interactive Media. I collected two degrees and upon graduation I moved to Seattle with my partner. Once in Seattle I couldn't get a damned job in my field. I made a promise to myself that someday I would go to hair school. But I kept putting it off. I did retail for a while, and finally I couldn't take it anymore. Why continue in a career I didn't enjoy? I'm living in a city that accepts me and doesn't care about labels, so why the hell not follow my dream and be a fierce assed stylist?

So that's what I'm doing. I've stopped putting that dream on hold. I've found a wonderful school, and I start November 3rd! I'm finally following my dream, and I'm so excited!

Now I have a question for everyone here? What was your inspiration? Why did you want to become a stylist?

My story? My mother inspired me. My mother, and movies!Collapse )
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